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What kind of mixing services does Gain Studio offer?

Full Mix

With the "Full Mix" package you will receive a fully mixed stereo track, which is in balance and ready for mastering. If you have requested additional version such as: Instrumental acapella and singback versions, they will be included as well.

Score Mixing

With the "Score Mix" package you will receive a fully mixed Soundtrack, which is in balance and ready for mastering/use at dubstage. If you have requested additional version such as: Instrumental acapella and singback versions of some the cues, they will be included as well.

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Here is what you get:

Full Mix

Why Choose this package over the Stem mix?

The package should be chosen if you have done your production and doesn't want to go too much into mixing, but just want a final product to send to mastering. I will do all processing such as: Compression, Eq'ing, Reverb, Delays and create balance in your production and make it sound the way you want it to.

How to prepare for a Full Mix?

1. Start by naming your files: Name each audio file with the type of element it contains, for example: Kick, snare etc.. If there is more files in one element, just name it what role it has in the arrangement (Kick top, Kick mid etc.).

2. Bypass all effects: After naming the files, bypass all effects in your project such as reverb, delay etc., but keep plugins that are a crucial part of your sound design on individual tracks. Remember to bypass all plugins on your mixbus/master output before exporting.

3. Create folders or zipped files with each element:
After you have exported all tracks in your project, create a folder or make zipped files with each element such as: Kick, bass, perc., cymbals, keys, fx, AUX sends etc. Make sure to export a version of your production to reference.

4. Provide all info and references:
Remember to include a text document with info such as: Notes regarding the track, reference tracks, key & tempo of the song, synth presets (if you want the sound perfectly optimized) and info for invoice. Also include the latest approved rough mix as a .wav file.

When you have done all this, just send me a mail at and we'll get started.

Full Mix

3500 kr. (Including VAT, 25 percent)
(For international rates in euro, look under rates)
  • Up to 200 individual tracks.
  • Includes:
    - Main Mix
    - Instrumental
    - Acapella
    - Singback versions
  • Max. 5 Revisions
    (Additional work will be charged 500 DKK incl. vat per hour)

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Score Mixing

Gain Studio offers a score mixing service for clients, that need to optimize their beatifully scored cues,

Importance of a good sounding score

A poorly mixed score can crowd a film’s soundscape. Making it difficult for the re-recording mixer to honour the composer’s intent. Working the dynamics and voicing of the arrangement with actual faders to move with the story; always respecting the sonic and positional spaces where dialogue lives are all part of getting the score to coexist with dialogue and sound effects.

Composing vs. Mixing

As a composer your focus should be on the composing part, providing the perfect emotional music relation to the moving picture, not on the mixing. This is here Gain Studio comes into place. I would make sure for you as a composer/production company, that your cues will sound at its best, creating the emotional impact that you was hoping.


All pricing is different for each film depending on the number of cues, restoration work, special requirements. Contact me and we will find out a solution that fits your project.